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Since its origins, Chocolates Solé is a family business entirely devoted to the whole experience of producing the finest chocolate creations.

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As a result of our passion and knowledge towards the world of cocoa, we have succeeded at creating unique and exclusive chocolates. We invite you to be immersed in our world of scents, flavours and feelings that will lead you to relish amazing experiences.



Agave syrup is a sweetener derived from Agave sap, extracted from the plant leaves. The plants of Agave are similar to those of Aloe Vera, due to their thick and long leaves. Native to the tropical, subtropical America and the Caribbean,there are more than a hundred species of plants, but the blue agave or agave maguey are the ones used for the syrup production.


Aluminium foils are thin sheets of pressed and highly malleable aluminium, that provide a large amount of uses in daily life. The American Agency ATSDR (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry), declares that aluminium foil is not toxic for non-allergic people towards aluminium, however evidence shows there might be a low risk of danger if consumption reaches a certain amount.farming system


Organic foodstuffs or products are grown by an ecological system based on the optimal use of natural resources, and non-use of chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers in farming. In this way we get organic foodstuffs that improve protection for natural ecosystems.


Catalan Council of Ecological Farming. It verifies and certifies the use of orgànic agro-food products in Catalonia.


Ecological foodstuffs or products are produced according to a growing or traditional System that follow organic procedures. The methods followed, avoid the use of synthetic materials, pesticides, weed-killers and artificial fertilizers.


Organic substance occurring in animal and plant nervous tissues. Lecithin can be extracted from animal fat, yolk of egg, and from some seeds, and it is used in the production of some foodstuffs such as margarine, Chocolates, and it´s also widely used in cosmètics and pharmaceutics.


It is a pseudocereal originated and grown in the Andean region (specially in Bolivia and Peru) and in the United States.
It comes from the seed of a grass, althought it is considered to be a true cereal. It belongs to the family of the Chenopodioideaes (closely related to spinachs), but it is compared to cereals due to its composition and way of consumption.


It is a commercialisation mainly used to describe those foodstuffs with alleged benefits for our health. Chocolate is considered by lots of people as their favourite superfood.


This process allows to carefully roast cocoa beans at an appropiate temperature that causes chemical, physical and physio-chemical changes succeeding in creating aromatic principles that do not exist, mostly, in coffee beans.